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Toptal是一个为客户寻找来自世界各地的顶级演讲和演讲平台设计师的市场. 每一位Toptal自由演讲设计顾问都经过顶级公司的彻底审查和信任,为他们提供最关键的演讲平台或演讲设计项目.

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Darrell Estabrook

United StatesToptal Member Since January 5, 2019

Darrell拥有超过25年的经验,为客户和企业员工设计引人入胜和富有成效的应用程序. He's led the design for a mobile enterprise app that replaced a legacy, paper-based process for a national auto retailer. Darrell specializes in turning big-picture thinking into practical visual experiences. His creative, purpose-driven design approach helps business leaders realize their vision.

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Ogeh Ezeonu

United KingdomToptal Member Since April 24, 2019

Ogeh has been working in the design industry for over five years, with hands-on experience creating digital products for retail and businesses. She is skilled in user experience design, user interface design, product strategy, and innovation for web and mobile applications. Having worked with clients in various industries, Ogeh热衷于为企业创造有吸引力的产品,并使用户能够直接与他们的品牌互动.

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Frederic Savioz

GermanyToptal Member Since March 28, 2017

Frederic是一名高级艺术总监和创意总监,在品牌方面拥有20多年的经验, UI design, and advertising. He worked for various industries, including FMCG, banks, insurances, pet food, B2B, cryptocurrencies, startups, and more. 耐克、Adobe、Afla Romeo、绝对伏特加、Jägermeister和大众都是他的客户. After gaining a master's in interactive art direction in Stockholm, Frederic founded the Kids—a digital and communication studio.

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Olha Bahaieva

UkraineToptal Member Since February 6, 2018

Olha, a lead designer with 9+ years of specialization in web and UI/UX design, is a recipient of many prestigious awards, including the Indigo Design Awards and CSSDesign Awards. 她的创新能力在为Dish Network等杰出客户提供尖端解决方案方面发挥了重要作用, Human Agency, and Growth Channel. Founder of UX Designers Club, a design course and book author with 1+ million views and a top 1% ADP List mentor, Olha's is focused on user-centered products.

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Skand Bhandarkar

IndiaToptal Member Since August 16, 2019

Skand是2018年Design4India奖的获奖者,该奖项由Adobe和Facebook在网络类别中颁发. 他在设计领域工作了13年,其中9年在UX/UI领域. Skand specializes in user interfaces, wireframing, and prototyping. He has worked with companies like HP, Paramount Pictures, and Avis Car Rental. Skand has designed complete web, social, and print identities for clients worldwide.

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Saurabh Mathur

GermanyToptal Member Since March 6, 2017

Saurabh是一名UX/UI设计师,拥有超过14年的平台特定iOS和Android应用程序以及响应式web设计经验. 他擅长帮助制定产品策略、微复制和运动原型(原理、框架)。. He's also worked with multiplatform scrum teams using the agile approach. In his career, Saurabh曾在SlideShare (LinkedIn)和Babbel工作,并共同创立了两家B2C/B2B领域的初创公司.

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Alex Kukharenko

GermanyToptal Member Since May 31, 2017

Helping startups scale with cutting-edge design, Alex is a multidisciplinary product designer with skills in 3D and animation. 作为一名产品设计师,他的工作涉及视觉设计、仪表板、用户体验设计、3D和运动设计. Alex也是快速原型设计的忠实粉丝,因为它为设计师提供了许多在执行之前验证想法的方法.

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Christopher F. Thomas

Freelance Presentation Designer
United StatesToptal Member Since June 28, 2019

Chris is a product designer with several years of experience. 他的重点是用简单、简洁和直观的设计来传达客户的需求. Chris is comfortable and experienced with explaining his design process to startup founders, enterprise shareholders, and cross-functional teams alike.

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Jeffrey Davis

United Arab EmiratesToptal Member Since October 25, 2016

五年多来,杰弗里一直与企业家一起帮助他们建立企业. Most recently, he has worked with a digital agency in London called Grampy. For those two years, 他周游世界,为c级高管提供咨询,并为领先品牌打造数字体验.

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Michael Dedrick

United StatesToptal Member Since October 19, 2016

In Michael's world, users always come first. 他拥有为高端客户开发高效战略营销抵押品的能力, including Apple, IBM, L’Oreal, Fidelity, Bud Light, Home Depot, Costco, and Walmart. 他致力于与客户和用户建立联系,并在广泛的范围内有效地将他们的愿景变为现实, far-reaching spectrum of media.

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Ana Marija Lach

CroatiaToptal Member Since December 7, 2017

Ana是一名UX/UI设计师,拥有多年的设计经验,专业从事数字界面和设计系统, primarily for dashboards and mobile apps. 她喜欢处理内容、分析、制定战略设计和以用户为中心的决策. Ana then transforms these into concepts then wireframes, mockups, 和原型,所有这些都导致了具有无缝用户体验的直观数字产品的开发.

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Creating an app for the game
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Leading a digital transformation
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Building a cross-platform app to be used worldwide
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Drilling into real-time data creates an industry game changer
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Michael is an incredible designer, and has been a great fit for our project. He just gets it in a way that can’t be taught. My goal was to pay Toptal to find me a high quality designer for my project, and that is exactly what happened. It was easy. 能够在Toptal的平台上看到作品集作品给了我选择Michael所需的信息. 对于Toptal,我没有什么好说的,我期待着在未来的其他项目中使用Toptal.

Edward Daniel


我和玛蒂娜密切合作了一年多,不得不说她是我合作过的最好的人之一. Instead of simply following instructions blindly, she thinks through the task at hand, becoming a thought partner to help with whatever the project may be. Besides being super talented at design, 考虑到创业公司快节奏的本质,她拥有特殊的品质,这使她在工作中脱颖而出. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a talented, professional designer who doesn't need much direction to hit the ground running.

Sahil Khanna

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Darko did a great job figuring out the user architecture for our concept, which led him to produce terrific wireframes. 他在可用性和设计方面的知识与我们需要的外部声音完美匹配,帮助我们快速启动项目. We would certainly recommend him and work with him again in the future.

Rich Danker


Carlos拥有独特的才能,能够将定量和定性研究结合起来,敏锐地识别用户体验的挑战和机遇. He thinks methodically, emphatically, and holistically to produce data-driven strategies and well-executed designs. Over the past 8 years of working with fully or partially distributed teams, 卡洛斯远比我遇到的任何人都擅长远程工作,因为他有很强的沟通和表达能力. He is the first on my list the next time I need a UX designer.

Michelle Krogmeier

Project Manager

Rafael is an amazing designer. His aesthetic sense is spot on, and he seems to be able to anticipate our needs before we even know what they are. He's taken the time to understand both our company and our clientele, and his solutions are consistently in-line with our values, interests, and our customers' needs. He delivers on time (if not earlier), works quickly, is well organized, and very effective. He's a pleasure to work with, and we're very happy to have found him through Toptal.

Ethan Brooks


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  • How are Toptal Presentation Designers different?

    At Toptal, 我们彻底筛选我们的演示设计师,以确保我们只匹配您与人才的最高水准. Of the more than 200,000 people who apply to join the Toptal network each year, fewer than 3% make the cut. 你将与设计专家(而不是一般的招聘人员或人力资源代表)一起了解你的目标, technical needs, and team dynamics. 最终的结果是:经过专家审查的人才从我们的网络,定制匹配,以满足您的业务需求.

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    Depending on availability and how fast you can progress, you could start working with a Presentation Designer within 48 hours of signing up.

  • What is the no-risk trial period for Toptal Presentation Designers?

    我们确保您和演示文稿设计师之间的每次约定都从长达两周的试用期开始. This means that you have time to confirm the engagement will be successful. If you’re completely satisfied with the results, we’ll bill you for the time and continue the engagement for as long as you’d like. If you’re not completely satisfied, you won’t be billed. From there, we can either part ways, 或者我们可以为您提供另一位可能更合适的专家,我们将与他开始第二轮谈判, no-risk trial.

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